Techniques to increase your awareness – in the moment “here and now”

Techniques to increase your awareness - in the moment "here and now"

In the daily hustle and bustle, we live on autopilot.
If you have a feeling of losing control over what is happening in the present day, these techniques will bring you closer to increasing awareness in the moment “here and now”!

I note that there is no quick way to fully experience mindfulness.
The path is long, full of both insights and difficulties in recognizing your unique awareness.

In this article, we will get closer to answering the questions: “How and with what to bring awareness closer to yourself.” Without philosophy, water, esotericism.
Square of Life

Start now. It pushes you to realize exactly where you are on the timeline – in the present moment and in the context of your entire life.

Draw a square. Divide it into 100 parts. Fill in the upper squares by the number of years you have already lived. At the bottom, we paint over the squares from 70 to 100. So in Russia they call the age of survival. But in the exercise for us it is an element of contemplation, comprehension, awareness.

This is the square of a person who has lived for 32 years. Unpainted – this is his upcoming life, active years of activity.

What are your feelings?
And thoughts?
What inspired you in connection with what you saw?
What feelings did it cause?
Maybe something else? What’s it?

And these are not rhetorical questions. After you draw – write down your feelings and thoughts, answering these questions.

Set the alarm to ring every hour. After the signal, go to the window.

Look to the sky and down to the ground – left – right – people – on-machines – for movement.

What do people look like?
What happens during the movement of all objects? What did you see outside the window?

Look at your hands. Look at yourself in the mirror. Close your eyes. Hear your breathing, the noise outside the window, the rustling in the hallway, the work of the refrigerator or extractor hood. First, focus individually on each sound you catch, then hear them all together.
Diary of mindfulness

We start a diary. Highlight the highlights of the day. We describe the emotions, feelings, and reactions that have arisen. We do not evaluate, do not criticize, do not choose words. As it is written, so it is written. Be honest and open. A framework of questions will help you:

What positive things happened today?
What’s the negative? What were my feelings and emotions?
Why am I pretty today?
Who do I want to thank?
My results of the day?

Complete the list with your questions.

Artificially slow down. Make smooth movements with your body. Turn your head more slowly, talk, walk. Don’t rush to react to people and respond to them. Sometimes bring the braking to a complete stop to see who is around you, what is around you.
Practice conscious breathing

In any non-standard situation, closely observe your breathing.
How exactly to observe it?

Focus your inner eye on your body by following the questions:

What is the temperature of the exhaled and inhaled air?
Am I breathing through my stomach or chest?
What if I try to breathe the other way around?
Does breathing have a sound?
What are the sensations in the nose when exhaling-inhaling?
What is the length of my exhalation-in-breath?

Choose your practice that you like,
translate it into the category of skills,
live consciously in the moment “here and now”.

This significantly increases your productivity and allows you not to be in a state of frustrated autopilot.

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