Waiting for a miracle

The New Year is coming soon. A magical holiday.
There are many expectations associated with it: the end of the old, the beginning of the new.
So I want to believe that only good things are waiting for us.
I really want to believe in a fairy tale, a miracle. Especially during these holidays.

In general, the very concept of “miracle” is not strictly defined. It’s something very individual, always personal. But there is something that unites all of us, so waiting for this miracle. This is the desire to get something or solve some situation, problem, dilemma-without making an effort.

Have you noticed this? That a miracle is something that in ordinary life will not happen by itself. But it is quite real in a fantasy or dream. And necessarily this something “comes by itself” or with minimal effort. Some kind of belief in something bigger, stronger.

Waiting for a miracle, especially during the New Year holidays, is a very nice and kind tradition. But when this is a certain trend, when it becomes a way to avoid responsibility for your life, it becomes alarming. After all, it is a very strong temptation to shift the responsibility from yourself to the “miracle”. Something will happen, and everything will be fine.

And as if no effort is needed at all, as if you can not make a choice, as if you really can not live, but just wait. But the trap is that waiting is a deferred life. After all, while I’m waiting and not doing anything, I do not live and only look forward to the future life. Of course, in the fantasy cool and beautiful, but the reality in this case passes by.

Let me explain with an example.

Vera came to me for a consultation. She was sad about the lack of a personal life, she was very lonely. In the course of my work, I found out that Vera had a strong belief that somewhere there was a “Prince on a white horse” born only for her, who was about to ride after her and take her to his “kingdom-state”. And in this mode of waiting for a miracle, Vera has already spent 40 years.

And the reality is harsh. When we found out why Vera needs such an attitude, why she needs to wait for this wonderful prince, and even on a horse, we found out that she does not know how else. Well, as he does not know – he does not want to admit that the alternative to waiting can only be activity. “How is it, do I have to throw myself at men, or what?!”, – Vera is indignant at my question about another possibility to start a relationship.

Whether Faith can stop waiting for a miracle and accept reality, I don’t know yet, we are still working. But many people live like Vera. They are waiting for a miracle in the hope that reality will not touch them. And what is so frightening in reality? The fact that it has limitations, that it implies activity, responsibility for our lives and acceptance of the fact that the only miracle in this life is ourselves. And then it’s our choice – to “freak out on your own” or wait for a miracle.

The New Year is ahead. It is, of course, will bring us a miracle.
The miracle of the beginning.

From January 1, time will start anew, and we will have 365 days to come up with and live the life we want. To enjoy all the opportunities and wonders of the new year.

It is important to understand one important thing about yourself – you are the source of miracles, only in your power to become that kind and strong wizard who will fill your life with joy and goodness.

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